Who is the USS Hadfield?

The USS Hadfield - A Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan Club

The members of the USS Hadfield welcome you to our little place on the Internet! If you wish to make comments regarding our Web Site, please send them via Internet E-Mail to our Web Designer, or you can send your comments directly to our Chapter President and Vice President by sending an E-Mail to general@usshadfield.org If you're a Star Trek fan, or want to do something for our community, and you live in Georgetown, Acton, Milton, Brampton or Mississauga, please take a few minutes to get in touch with us. We're always looking for new members. If you're interested, take a few minutes and join our E-Mail List on Yahoo! Groups, and meet people with some of the same interests.

We are a science fiction and fantasy fan club!

If you're a Star Trek fan and you live in the North Halton area, then we're the organization for you!

The USS Hadfield is a group of Star Trek fans who want to get together, have fun, and do something productive to contribute to our community. We're not like your typical Star Trek fan, wearing the pointy Vulcan ears every day - we're regular people just like everyone else you see out on the street today, except for the common thread that we're fans of Star Trek, and the positive future that it shows for humanity. 

The underlying message in Star Trek is that humanity can resolve it's problems, and learn to live peacefully with all nations. By working together, we can resolve our differences, overcome prejudice, and learn to live peacefully in our world. This, above all else, is what the members of the Hadfield believe in the most, and what better way to start towards this goal then helping out in our local communities?